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Coaching Men in their 40's to lose inches round their waist and improve mental health. 


grant breese

Grant Breese has spent 20 years working in the health and wellness industry, working as a Personal Trainer, a Performance Coach and Lifestyle Analyst. He's a fully qualified NLP Master Practitioner, Master of Time Line Therapy and Hypnotherapy. 


He now works combining all these skills to become one of the best in the business at helping men in their 40's improve physical and mental health.


Modifying your mindset in a way that best serves you in reaching your goals by breaking your limiting beliefs about what can be achieved in your 40's. Developing programs that enable you to progress, keep consistent and remain injury free.


His approach is one of clarity and understanding making sure that he puts you in the driving seat when it comes to your goals. “Its not enough just to turn up, you have to learn understand and take accountability for wanting to make change and improve yourself".


What we do!

  • We run a bespoke online coaching program around improving your exercise training, nutrition and mental health. 

  • Our programs are delivered on an app which means you have everything you need in the palm of your hand

  • Coaching men in their 40's that great physical and mental health is achievable no matter how much time you have available.  

  • Lose inches round your waist and get stronger physically and mentally.

  • Over come the obstacles that are holding you back

Weight Training


"Kicked a football around with my son without any issues, Can't thank you enough"


July, 2021

I was so wrong, I thought I was too old to really improve my health."


May, 2021

I can already feel the benefit, its really helps get rid of the pain in my joints


September, 2021

grant breese

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