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Calories, To Count Or Not To Count??

If your trying to lose weight chances are you are counting calories. I guarantee you have failed with this approach more than once. A bold statement your thinking, yes but is it possible to maintain a day to day lifestyle where you count every calorie you eat and drink?

Why my online weightloss clients don't count calories.

Counting calories makes most people feel deprived and restricted.
Counting calories doesn't tell you about food quality.

Counting calories is inaccurate.

Counting calories is a pain in the butt.

Counting calories does not focus on building habits.

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In order for you to succeed in losing weight its so important to understand that the changes you make need to be sustainable long term.

Any program/diet/nutritional/plan that is 4 weeks or 8 weeks long is that length because its impossible to maintain,"short term gain for long term loss" therefore chances are when it's finished you will return to the old you and put that weight back on and then some.
So how do we stop this from happening????
Create a program that focuses on the long term, making small changes to our daily habits and build on those habits over time.
Provide expert coaching over the length of your program to ensure you get all the support and information you need.
Set realistic targets that fit around your lifestyle and the changes you want to make.
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