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Why your New Year weightloss program did not work!

I know that you have successfully lost weight before and were really happy with the results. Chances are at the end of the diet/program/ you returned to your old nutritional habits. After all that hard work and effort you put into losing that weight it all came back and you even put on a little more. So why was it so successful to start but a total failure in the long term and was it really what you would call successful if your back to where you started?

Here's why it did not workout for you.

1. The program you were on had a clear beginning and end with little work to change your behaviour in that time. A lot of the time you are happy to stick to a fad program or crazy meal plan because sub consciously you know you only have to do it for a period of time and when its over you can return to eating the food you ate before.

2. The program your following is asking you to remove or heavily restrict a food group from your nutrition which creates a big calorie defficet and weightloss. But that constant mindset of restriction and excessive calorie deficit causes massive rebounds and a quick increase in body weight.

3. What your weightloss program is asking you to eat is so far removed from what your eating now it makes it almost impossible to stick to. If you never eat any veg and suddenly your being asked to drink a litre of green juice 3 x a day it makes any trasition very challenging to stick to resulting in failure and a rebound.

4. The companies you use to lose weight want you to fail long term because they make there money when you come back. Indeed the former finance director of Weight Watchers, Richard Samber, once admitted that the company was successful because 84% of customers can’t keep the weight off and keep coming back. “That's where your business comes from,” he says.

So, don't be a serial new year weight loss rebounder!

Our programs are all about the big picture and we support you all the way, I don't want your return custom as I believe you will not be in a position to need to come back.

We start slow knowing that your staring point may not be the best, we will teach you how to build new habits, understand portion sizes that are right for you.

Sometimes things do not go how you want and you may have a challenging time and thats ok to. Success is not linear and our programs are prepared to help you through those times, there is "no failure only feedback"