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Are you really too busy????

It has to be the most common reason for not doing something......."I didnt have time." Or is it more likely that you did have time you just chose to do something else with it. When it comes to improving our health and losing weight its the most common excuse I hear.

What really does it tell you and how can you better understand this to make sure you give enough time to things to gain the benefits you want.

Many people really don't have the time to go to the gym for 4 hours a week and spend hours preparing logging food while radically changing there whole lifestyle over night. Spending that time at work or with family is more important to them than taking time to improve health. As a online weightloss coach its vital that I understand the background of time and lifestyle of each client.

Whatever the reasons , for some that full throttle approach just will not work at any stage, much better to start slowly make changes in a manageable way.

If you want more info on this please download this "Free" easy to understand infograhic by clicking this link.

How do you make time for whats important to you?

1. Start making a small amount of time each day at the same time place etc it will start to become habit and you can build on that.

2. Whats taking up most you time??? Travel, TV, social media, work, socialising, family kids. Understand how much time each thing is taking up. Maybe deleted social media from your phone or use travel time to read your nutritional emails or my blog. Is social media more important than conversation with your partner or playing with your kids????

3. Go calendar crazy. Block time out book things in and stick to it, Being organised is key to unlocking extra time.

4. Write down a list of all the things that take up your time, then rewrite the list putting them in order of importance to you. This will make it more clear of where you are taking and how to best start making time for things more important to you.

As a coach in online weightloss I'm always looking to fully understand each client as a individual and not squeezing each client into one size fits all bracket. If you are looking to lose weight but struggle to find the time and direction to do so I can help.