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Is your health diet making you fat?

I eat healthy, plenty of fruit veg lean protein but the weight just doesn't shift.

The same basic rule always applies "calories in calories out" right???? It came to my attention that more and more of you "the client" are eating all the right things but the changes you want aren't happening.

Obviously there can be a multitude of reasons for this.

I decided to ask two of my new online nutrition coaching clients who were not progressing to help me with a little investigation. Secretly I had a idea of what was happening but wanted the clients discover this themselves so I asked them to send me pictures of their breakfast lunch and dinner every day for two days. It became clear after day 1 that the problem was not what they were eating but how much.

At what point does healthy food become unhealthy due to the size of the portions we eat.

In our modern day life we have become totally unaware of the portion sizes we need to eat to achieve the goals we want. In weight loss terms we are often eating way more than we need which leads to an increase in body fat .

When you look at your lunch or dinner how do you know what amount of protein carbs and fats you should be eating?

Our habit based nutritional program is all about educating you about the the right portion size for you. We understand that fads or complicated meal plans don't work, our plans work around you and your life, making the changes to your behaviours to make long term sustainable results.

If you want more free information on this follow my link below for your infographic to help you lose weight and understand more about the portion sizes that are right for you.

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