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6 Basic steps to keep up the new year momentum.

Change is great and what better time to start a fresh than the start of the new year, right? According to the industry stats those people who join gyms in the January new year rush drop out completely by March. What are the reasons for this and how can we make sure that you make long term change and achieve your goals.

1. Too Much Too Soon. Start slow and build everything up, if its the the number of times you hit the gym in a week or amount of weight you are looking to drop. The quicker your trying to achieve this the more likely you are to struggle with a huge amount of change in a short space of time.

2. Setting unrealistic goals. Make your goals specific to you, your life or body. Think about what is REALLY important to you, where will you be and what will you be doing when you achieve that goal, how will you feel?? Is losing 15kg in 3 weeks really achievable for you? How about 15KG over 16 weeks or longer? Where would you like to be this time next year???

3. Not knowing where to keep focus. Where big changes are needed there can often be so much to focus on, your food, gym program, sleep, hydration, family time, work, when where how?? Choose something to focus on that week and stick to it. Once you can nail that move onto the next thing and focus on that, over time these new habits will stack up, your behaviours will change and so will you.

4. Get the right advice. The industry is a mass of poor information and terrible advice especially at this time of year. However there are some great people out there who are amazing at what they do and really want to help you. You can spend days online looking at social media,web pages,that is valuable time you could be using more wisely. My advice would be to ask your friends and friends of friends for there successful experiences, call Skype or email those people agree to meet up, get a free consultation find someone who you feel is right for you.

5.Invest in yourself.Whatever your paying for to improve your health, gym membership, personal trainer, nutritionist, performance coaching, remember that its not enough to just turn up and pay. Learn from these people, your not investing in them your investing in you, understand what they are doing, learn for you so you have the skills so you don't have to keep reinvesting in the same things. Either way take responsibility and accountability for what your doing as soon as you do you will start the road to success. Remember where do you want to be this time next year??

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