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You struggle with weight loss because you are unaware that you over eat.

How much food do you really need

While I was travelling recently I became aware that the person next to me was having a phone conversation about what they were going to have for dinner that evening. The person on the other end of the line was obviously offering options about what they would have and the reoccurring response was "thats not very filling though". This Really got me thinking, this persons fixation was nothing to do with the actual food they were eating and more about what was going to make them feel full! WOW what a habit!!!!!!!!!!!!

Our habits make us who we are and those habits make the difference when it comes to weight loss before we even think about the food we eat. These habits are built up and reinforced over months and years of life experience and can be a real challenge to change. The strange thing about habits is they are subconcious and we spend no time thinking about them at all. So when you are asked about food intake or told to keep a record of what you eat the results you give don't give a clear reflection of whats actually happening.

Do these statements sound familiar from your childhood "You don't leave the table until your plate is clean" or Eat all your dinner our you can't play outside" A lot of habits will develop from our child hood with the best of parental intensions but in later life these ingrained habits serve a negative outcome when trying to lose weight.

The fact that we feel (in this instance) the need to be full and often over eat at meal times to achieve this, means that we have very skewed view when it comes to portion size and how much we actually need to eat. Imagine if you just ate 20% less each time you sat down to eat, without changing anything else nutritionally. Or put another way stop eating before you are full, easy right? That would be enough in some cases to start losing weight and you have only changed one habit!

A vital part of my weight loss programs is to help you better understand hunger and portion size, most importantly changing those core habits into ones more congruent with what we want to achieve. Otherwise once those other weightloss programs have finished and no matter how successful you have been, at the end you just change back to the old you .Put all that weight back on and even some more, sound familiar?

If you want to know more please do get in touch and I will be happy to provide you with more information free of charge and NO HARD SELL.