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5 Tips To Manage Your Portion Sizes.

A challenge I often come across as a weightloss coach is that clients rarely have any idea of how much food is enough to reach their goal. Initially I want people to understand more about food than just seeing foods as sets of numbers so I don't use calorie counting.

As you look at a plate of food do you know what on that plate makes up the protein carbs vegetables and fats?

Do you know how much of each you should be eating to reach your weight loss goal?

Here are 5 simple tips to manage your portion sizes.

1. Try leaving 20% of the food on your plate, not as easy as it sounds and a challenging new habit to create. Imagine the decrease in calories intake if you did this at each meal time day in day out.

2. Use smaller plates bowls. This is simple to do especially when at home. Start by making use of a slightly smaller plate/bowl to start, which will make it much sustainable. If eating out use tips 1 and 3.

3. Eat slowly. Not only will you eat less it will improve your digestion and those hunger signals will reach the brain in plenty of time to tell you your satisfied.

4. Make sure you eat through your day, failure to do this will result in something I like to call emergency hunger. Your so hungry you massively over eat and make poor food choices because your body is crying out for calorific foods.

5.Use our Hand guide for creating the right portion sizes for you, (see graphic above) we can create specific plans for you on our weight loss program. For women on a weightloss program aim for one palm of protein, one cupped hand carbs a thumb of fats and a fist size of veg. For men two palms of protein, two hands for carbs,two fist of veg and a thumb of fats.

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