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The real reasons you cannot lose Weight!

Do you want to know why you really struggle to lose weight?

1. You think you have a slow metabolism, food intolerance, gluten and/or carb intolerance, a thyroid issue and more, without ever being tested for any of it. All of this allows you to have a big excuse for your lack of success.

2. You are still eating too much and have no idea what portion sizes should be or how to better understand what is right for you.

3. You think the fact that your training means you do not have to focus on your nutrition.

4. Consistency is king and you are far from being royal. You lack consistency with your training and nutrition.

5. Your Belief. You believe it does not matter what you do your incapable of losing weight(see point 1)

6. The blame game. No one ever achieved anything by constantly blaming others its a mindset that only leads to failure with no learning from that.

8. Cutting calories way to much and starving yourself only results in "short term gain for long term loss"

7. Carbs make you Fat. You convince yourself that carbs make you fat so cut all carbs from your diet when you need that to fuel your workouts and to maintain high metabolism.

9. You are not patient You want results now in the quickest time possible which results in a nutritional program that is not sustainable and a rebound in weightloss "short term gain for long term loss"

10. You think short term and your diet reflects this, think long term sustainability and your results may take longer to achieve but will stay with you for life.

These are challenges we all face and on my programs its these we have to overcome to create long term success for you. Its not about throwing a meal plan at you and saying this works for everyone so if you fail your doing something wrong. I understand the underlining behaviours that prevent your success and target these as much as your knowledge and habits towards food.

My programs address all these challenges in a sustainable long term way making sure you develop the skills you need to lose and maintain that weightloss.