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Catherine Jardine

I have really enjoyed the Precision Nutrition programme that Grant runs and would highly recommend it to anyone who requires a little more direction with improving their health, lifestyle or general wellbeing.  I started it as I needed a focus to get back on track with my relationship with food and improve my overall health.  The programme has allowed me to re-learn aspects that I had forgotten when it comes to nutrition, as well as arming me with a number of new and essential tools to help me through the pitfalls of eating whilst in a busy and demanding job.  I have gained some excellent habits which are now second nature, and as such I have benefited greatly.  I am well on my way to achieving my goals.  Thank you for you support, guidance and much needed patience.

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Fitness related post 😂💁🏻 can't believe I'm sharing my weight MASSIVE for me. So after 6 months of dedicated training eating an entire different way as a lifestyle change not forgetting the odd times I treat myself my weight has pretty much stayed the same. Ok I have a little to go but point is for the first time ever I don't care what the scales say because I am fitter, more toned happier than ever before and that's the reason for a lifestyle change. Plus the scales scare the hell out of me from past issues but today I don't care, so to some this may not mean a thing but to me this is a massive achievement ❤️another huge help has been @precisionnutrition @breese2you Your mindset is actually what gets things done and that's really where you should start without that there will be no change, finding time for me is hard but when I take 15 mins to read though tasks I feel so good and ready to carry on. So to all my friends reading this thinking Blimey this is a long winded post and why aren't I talking about prosecco, well I'm still here 😂 as this is a lifestyle change not a diet.

Sarah Roberts


Heading into our 4th season training together,Grant never ceases to amaze me when it comes to mixing up my workouts, i love that about working with Grant!! The depth of knowledge he has is so impressive, be it about training, nutrition, behavioural mindset or general life issues he's a great guy to have on your side.Having him around me with his positive attitude as part of my team at the tracks is something i really enjoy & thrive on.

Shane "shakey" Bryne 6x British Superbike Champion

I had real fun training with Grant over a few years. He has great understanding of clients needs & he is very knowledgable with his only weakness being on the tennis courts where I dominated.

Donna Air


I am 2 months into the program, and this has given me a kick start to weightloss and a better lifestyle.

Paul Foreman


Allan Mee

I’ve always been overweight, the amount I have been overweight has fluctuated a lot over the years. I have tried various different ways to lose weight and with all of them I have followed exactly the same pattern a few good weeks or months where I have made some progress and lost some weight, but then something happens, a birthday, Christmas, a holiday and it all goes out of the window, then a few months later I’m either back to where I was or heavier than when I started. I’ve wanted to have another try at losing weight and getting fitter but was wary of going down the same route again, so this time I was looking for a different way, which is when I found Grant, and his online weight loss programme. I’m now 7 months into the programme and have lost 60lbs and making significant progress towards where I want to be. 


I have been lucky enough to see Grant for 9 years. He is just the best tonic, gets me to do exercises that I would not do without him (liaises with the physio too). Having broken my back at 19, I was a little nervous of any exercise but I am fit, strong, pain free and definitely more focused and so grateful to him. I could not recommend him highly enough.

Hatty Horpsool


Grant is an excellent trainer with a wicked sense of humour. I enjoyed every session due to the variety of what we did, the fun we had and the results I obtained. With his knowledge of the body and ability to challenge you, you're sure to have a great time!



I was so against going to a gym,I felt it wasn't for me. The thought of being surrounded by very fit gym bunnies was unnerving and made me very uncomfortable.I couldn't have been more wrong,sessions with Grant  not only make me feel good but my posture has improved and my body is more toned. He is always in a good mood, calm, explains and demonstrates what we are doing and he puts up with my moans and comments- don't like this one, are you counting, what's this good for, etc...



Grant & I trained together for seven years.In that time,along with a trusted & knowledgeable trainer, I gained a friend.I felt it was important to trust my trainer as a professional, who could help me achieve my goals. I recommend that if you are hesitant, don't want to be overwhelmed yet still be directed firmly....Grant is your man.  If you have special circumstances or unique challenges Grant will design structure suited for you.He is not a one shot'll be keen to work with him.

Charles Ecklund


I have trained with Grant for around 8 years, I find  his sessions are immensely rewarding. Grant pushes me physically and mentally, making me challenge myself and reach the next level.I would recommend Grant to anyone who wants to achieve more from their training. His training is not just about physical goals but is a holistic approach to getting to where you hope to be. Plus he has great chat so sessions are never boring.

Emily Stephens


"Grant's workouts are awesome! I feel fitter and healthier than ever, and I’ve never looked better."



I worked with Grant 2013/14 in 2014 we won the National Endurance Championship. Progressing to the Le man 24hr race, I was one of the only riders to do 3 back to back stints. This meant 50 mins riding, pitstop for fuel and out again x3. I wouldn't have been able to do this without Grants help in gaining such high levels of fitness. Grant is good trainer who's fun to work with, I can't recommend him enough no matter what your goal.

Stef Capella


To have Grant train me for my preseason has been awesome he really knows his stuff and has so much experience which has helped me get in great shape this season. 2016

Jake Dixon